Bitcraft IT Consulting
Senior Software Engineer
Manuel Kugelmann

      Nov. 2023 – Feb. 2024       Sensor Preprocessing System, PALIS Projects & Engineering
                                                        update and extension of industrial measurement system

      Jul. 2020 – Sep. 2023         Vending Machine, Payment and Fleet Management Software, iovent GmbH
                                                         embedded linux, hardware interface and full stack work

      Mar. 2020 – May. 2020        Pcap Sniffer, Some/IP Dissector for Solid, Usaneers GmbH
                                                         network sniffing and packet dissection

      Feb. 2020 – May. 2020        Bluetooth LE Hardware Control App, NEXT Munich
                                                         technical consulting, planning support

      Oct. 2019 – Apr. 2020         Some/IP Native Plugin for Unity3D, Usaneers GmbH
                                                         creation of a .NET API for the automotive networking system

      Nov. 2018 – Mar. 2020        Ramses Renderer Native Plugin for Unity3D, Usaneers GmbH
                                                         integration of the automotive multiscreen rendering system,
                                                         native plugin with OpenGL/DirectX interop, Spout sender

      Jul. 2019 – Jan. 2020          OpenSimulationInterface Plugin for UE4, Usaneers GmbH
                                                         Integration of the protobuf based OpenSimulationInterface,
                                                         adjustments to protobuf, ZeroMq client and server,
                                                         non-volatile state container, Blueprint scripting components,
                                                         integration of MCPP precompiler into UE4 build chain

      Apr. 2019 – Jan. 2020         OpenSimulationInterface Plugin for Unity3D, Usaneers GmbH
                                                         integration of the protobuf based OpenSimulationInterface,
                                                         adjustments to protobuf (no GC), ZeroMq client and server,
                                                         non-volatile state container, visualization

      Nov. 2017 – Feb. 2018        OBJ Loader for Unity3D, Usaneers GmbH
                                                         .obj 3D models,.mtl materials, texture replacement,
                                                         hot reload on file change

      Nov. 2017 – Feb. 2018        Axis Neuron Plugin for Unity3D, Usaneers GmbH
                                                         proxy for Axis Neuron Motion tracking, data fusion with
                                                         Occulus and Leap Motion tracking, Maya integration

      Nov. 2017 – Feb. 2018        Native Audio Plugin for Unity3D, Usaneers GmbH
                                                         configurable multichannel audio playback

      Oct. 2016 – Oct. 2017         Flux VR, Usaneers GmbH
                                                         Automotive / standalone Unity3D VR setup with Leap
                                                         Motion hand tracking incl. calibration. Inverse kinematics
                                                         virtual mirrors, virtual touch screens
                                                         optimization for VR, usability tests
                                                         with Chris Kahler

      Jul. 2016 – May. 2017         Virtual Screen Plugin for Unreal Engine 4, Usaneers GmbH
                                                         DirectShow video texture, UDP socket, Solid message parser,
                                                         Leap Motion,VR

      Feb. 2017 – Mar. 2017        Innoactive VR Showroom, Augmented Minds GbR
                                                         Unity3D VR scene with planar stereo reflections and
                                                         optimized global illumination

      Nov.  2013 – Jan. 2016       „tigerbooks“, „TigerCreate“, Media Platform,Tiger Media GmbH
                                                         refactoring of a Flash/Unity3D app, creation of consitent
                                                         framework, backend binding, AR-content, continuous
                                                         integration, statische code analytics, native e-Pub3 reader
                                                         creation of an build pipeline for custom iOS and Android apps
                                                         for embedding into an end user editor
                                                         team: 5 coders, 1 artist, 1 QA, 1 PL

      Mar. 2015 – Nov. 2015        “Das Tal”, MMO,The Fairytale Distillery
                                                         visual wind effects, custom shadow mapping

      Oct. 2013 – Nov. 2013           Kombiinstrument Prototype,  usaneers GmbH
                                                        Unity3D UI with data binding, data binding framework for Solid

      May. 2013 – May. 2015       Sensor Preprocessing System, PALIS Projects & Engineering
                                                        update and extension of industrial measurement system
                                                         creation of administrative tools

      Sep. 2013 – Oct. 2013         „Lesestart“, „Yakari“, „Elefantenpups“, „Finn“, NEXT Munich
                                                        Unity3D, interactive e-book apps for mobile

      Sep. 2013 – Oct. 2013         „Der kleine Drache Kokosnuss“, NEXT Munich
                                                        Unity3D, mobile edutainment app
                                                        framework, 2D mini games, NGUI, persistence
                                                        team: 2 coders, 1 artist

      Dec. 2011 – Jul. 2013          Photostudio Simulation „set.a.light 3D”, elixxier Software GmbH
                                                         Unity3D, 3D-scene editor, custom PBR, GUI,
                                                         development of a method for photometric measurement of
                                                         large light sources with a wide angle, content creation tools
                                                         installer, updater, serial numbers and registration, crash reporter
                                                         in depth changes to the Unity3D rendering pipeline
                                                         team: 2 coders, 1 artist, 1 PL

      Jun. 2009 – Sep. 2011         „ChBgLib“ MMO-Framework, Chimera Entertainment GmbH
                                                         extensive framework for persistent realtime MMO-Games
                                                         with 1000+ CCU, RPC, persistence, data
                                                         managment, networking, entity graph system, T4 code
                                                         generation, architecture, implementation                                                      

      Jun. 2009 – Sep. 2011         „Europe in Flames“, „Skylancer“, „Mission Genesis“
                                                    Persistent Realtime MMOs, Chimera Entertainment GmbH                                                                                                                  Silverlight/Unity3D/Vision3D, physics, AI, GUI, latency
                                                         hiding, architecture (frontend, networking, backend)
                                                         team: 4 coders, 4 artists, 2 QA, 2 GD, 1 PL

      Jun. 2001 – Jul. 2009          Sensor Preprocessing System, Parking Technologies GmbH
                                                        Linux based measuring and positioning system 

      Feb. 2007 – Sep. 2007        „Generative Pedestrian Shape-Texture Models
                                                      for Matching and Synthesis“, Diploma Thesis
                                                         data visualization, data cleaning, dimensional reduction,
                                                         machine learning, tool chain integration
                                                         test series on a Linux cluster

      Apr. 2006 – Jul. 2006           „Simulation Algorithms for Animation and Visual Effects“, Teaching Assistant 
                                                         reference solutions: selection of algorithms, implementation
                                                         inertia tensor, collision detection, articulated chains,
                                                         ragdolls, Featherstone algorithm, 6D-math

      Nov. 2005 – Dec. 2006        „Efficient Adaptive Global Illumination Algorithms“, Student Research
                                                         global illumination algorithm, path space math,
                                                         efficient shading for Instant Global Illumination, path tracing,
                                                         light cuts, caustic-backtracing, tailored sampling, spatial hash

      Jan. 2005 – Oct. 2005          „Animal Race“, 3D-Racinggame
                                                         project lead, architect, build, debugging, optimization,
                                                         scene graph, ODE physics, player physics, rendering engine,
                                                         shaders, lighting, scripting, color grading, tools
                                                         team: 7 coders, 8 artists

      Oct. 2003 – May. 2004        High Speed Ray Tracer
                                                         ray tracing, BSP, complex shaders, optimization, SAH
                                                         global illumination, sub-surface scattering; with Stefan Winkler

      2000– 2001                         Websites for flexo.forte Handrails
                                                         html, css, Photoshop

      1998 – 2000                         „Simulation einer halbautonomen Universalsonde;
                                                       gesteuert durch ein Neurales Netz“, Jugend forscht
                                                         project lead, phyiscal simulation, neural net, path planning,
                                                         sensor simulation, visualization, modelling, quake-c
                                                         with Gregor Kompa, Alfred Eichenseher

      1996 - 1998                          Quake 1 Multiplayer Mods „CFRAG“ und „DMF“
                                                         effects, player skins, maps, gamecode
                                                         with Gregor Kompa, Alfred Eichenseher, Peter Dinges

      1991 – 2000                         Billing Software for Kugelmann Aussenanlagen
                                                         MS Word Visual Basic

      1991 – 1996                         Simple Games and Animations in Logo, BASIC und PASCAL
                                                         programming, procedural graphics, pixel art